Click here to launch our Web based FTP software 'UnlimitedFTP'

You may be prompted to install a Java script, this is necessary for the program to operate correctly, please follow the simple installation instructions.

Once the program is running click on the 'Connect' button at the bottom of the screen and you will be presented with log on options. Enter the username and password we have given you to access your personal folder or use the default log on of username: datarepro password: datarepro to access the public folder. Click on 'Connect' to complete log on.

Back on the initial screen you will now see two windows - the window on the left is files available on your computer, the window on the right is files available on the FTP site. Select or create (MakeDir) a folder on the FTP site (using the buttons on the right hand screen) select the file or multiple files from your computer in the left hand window and click on 'Upload' at the bottom of the screen. Downloading from the FTP site is just the same but selecting files from the right hand window and 'Download' to a location of your choice in the left hand window.

If transmission is interrupted for any reason, the transferal should automatically resume when connection is re-established. If it doesn't resume automatically, repeat the procedure above and you will be asked if you want to resume where you were interrupted.

Please contact us if you require a personal folder set up or if you encounter any problems.

More comprehensive help on using 'UnlimitedFTP' is available here.